Worlds Most Infinite panorama, the longer you use it, the more gigapixels it uses

Yes, the universe is a vast place. We can can only guess the end is about 16 billion light years away, and boy, its expanding, finally ripping itself to pieces.
Anyways, before that, there is some bragging to do. Here below is an infinite panorama. Find the little white planet, and click and you will be beamed to another part of the galaxy. As long as you click the white planets, you will keep on an infinite tour along your creators, the stars. The light you see is not the 8 minute old sunlight every day panoramas are made with, but light created long before the earth or sun existed, some of it still glowing from just after the big bang.

Keep on clicking, and you will create you own terapixel record. and you will create your own record of having watched zillions of AU  space in a a infinite panorama. Be part of history, and just take the time to set a record.

Click on a star to begin:……. (excuse me for the gravitational lensing here and there)


(this an attempt to satire)

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