Panorama Embed for WordPress

Panorama Embed is WordPress plugin to show panoramas in your blog. These panoramas can be of any type, created by any type of software. The panoramas can be shown inline, or linked by picture to a new window.

Use is simple, download the plugin and install. Set the size of the embedded panoramas in the settings page of the plugin.

The panoramas can be located anywhere on the site where your blog is installed. Every panorama has to have its own directory however with a default file, like index.php or index.html. To be clear, it has to be a a fully working “stand alone” panorama, like the ones krpano, panotour or PTGui etc create. Just upload the output in a separate directory on your site, and rename the html file the program created to index.html. No messing with javascripts, xml files in Worpress or the plugin. The plugin just loads an iframe with the panorama located in the directory you uploaded. Simple.

If you upload a thumbs.jpg to the directory of the panorama, that picture is shown, with a link to a new window with the panorama, if there is no thumb.jpg, the panorama will be shown inline by means of an iframe. (Therefore it can be any type of panorama, or any kind of content for that matter)

Update: Since version 1.6 its possible to link to individual files in the same directory as well.

Warning: Do not link directly to swf files (or similar), link only to htm(l) / php files; to complete webpages with all bells and whistles for displaying a panorama or virtual tour!! Linking directly may reduce functionality of the swf, like going fullscreen or other problems…

Just use the tags in your post, and its done. Short description on the admin page of the plugin.


Embeded via iframe:

With thumb.jpg in directory:


Download latest version from WordPress

13 thoughts on “Panorama Embed for WordPress

  1. asiavr


    how can i enbed clickable jpeg by using your plugin please?

    i tried to enbed html and swf files and it seen ok.

    for example:
    [panoembed] /pano/pano1/xxxxx.swf [panoembed]
    [panoembed] /pano/pano1/xxxxx.html [panoembed]


    1. Gede Post author

      Until now, the plugin is not intended to work with “linking” directly to files. Only to directories, which contain a full panorama.

      I am planning an update where linking to files is possible, but for now it only works as described 🙂

  2. asiavr

    ok i get it now…

    your plugin will only interest in index.html and thumb.jpg files only.
    if your plugin can’t find these files in the folder, it will not run.

    how can i adjust the thumbnail image size? let say my thumbnail image is 1024×768 but i only want to display the image to be 600×300?


  3. Gede Post author

    The plugin is only interested in directories with a valid default file, this can be index.htm, index.html, index.php or whatever works on your server…

    The plugin just takes the thumb.jpg and displays it at the size it is. So, if you want a different size, you have to re-size it and upload it to the panorama directory….

    1. Gede Post author

      Ok, let me know when you have it up and running, would like to see your site too!

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  5. Tiek

    Hi Gede,
    Great plugin works like a charm with no hassle.
    I do seem to get the panorama in some sort of frame while it gives me a scroll window and all.
    I would also like these handy buttons onscreen like you have in your xample. Are these from the way you export it or from the plugin?
    Im using Pano2vr.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Gede Post author

      Should not give scroll bars if you set the size right. The plugin just displays the page / pano you create, so the buttons are “from the export”…

      1. Tiek

        OK Thanks for the quick reply! got rid of the scrollbar, there was a html close window code, I had to remove. My bad. Then can you tell me from which software you exported the above example

  6. Rahul Talreja

    awesome work
    will integrate this in my website…
    was looking for 360 degree plugin.


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