Noise Levels of the North Bali Airport

The comparison below is an uneducated, unrealistic, attempt to estimate the level of sound the new Nort Bali Airport will make, and how it will influence the area of Kubutambahan, Air Sanih, Bungkulan….

I took the measurements of Gatwick Airport, scaled them and projected them, with the correct scale, on the Kubutambahan airport area.

Geographically, the areas are totally different., and of course this will influence the way sound travels. While the approach and departures of the New North Bali Airport will be over sea,  everyone knows sound travels very nicely over water. The south side of the airport has hills, so they will reflect some of the sound.

If the North Bali Airport will be as busy as Gatwick, time will tell.  The length of the North Bali Airport is 5500 meters, so it allows for big jets, as big as on Gatwick.

Moise Levels North Bali Airport

Noise Levels

North Bali Airport Noise

IMHO, its most likely that, if wind allows, approaches (landings) will be routed from the west, so over the ocean north of Singaraja, and take offs will be to the east. Take offs produce more noise,… The picture of Gatwick projected here looks the other way around.

Now, if, and I say with emphasis, IF, the projection above holds any truth, noise from the Airport in a village, like Air Sanih / Bukti, will be around 50 db , I’ll guess. Close to the airport you will have about 72db, according to the Gatwick measurements….

How loud is 50 db?

30 db is a quiet whisper in a library, a normal conversation is around 60-70db, so the noise, I guess, in Air Sanih, can be somewhere between that. A motorcycle up close is about 100db.

I quote : “In the UK, Government research indicates that people start being annoyed by aircraft noise at 57dB, averaged over 16 hours (57dB LAeq). They use this as the starting point in policies on noise from planes around airports.”

My guess is that the people researching the location of the airport, have much better data, and have taken all this in account, so the gross of the population will be free of irritating noise, but my guess is too, that those few villas in the neighborhood of the airport may have a problem.

Blessing or curse? Double or half the prices?



One thought on “Noise Levels of the North Bali Airport

  1. Happy Resident Nearby

    The landings/takeoffs will be subject to wind and weather
    If subject to wind, they will take off into the headwind

    Across the Bali Sea, which is the body of water that “surrounds” the proposed airport precinct, there are not really any lull moments
    So, there is usually a wind to be taken into account
    Mostly, I assume, the winds are from the East so the takeoffs will be RWY 09 rather than Rwy 27 (It might develop as 08/26 or 10/28)

    The locating of the Airport Terminal will be related to the winds, and therefore, the taxiing of the aircraft

    On one day there might not be any takeoffs or landings because bad weather
    On other days it will be “busy”
    On some of the normal days the sound might disturb some ceremonies

    The sight of the takeoffs will inspire some of the young onlookers to lift their dreams
    Some will go on to become pilots
    Others will just love the idea that they are now closer to International status than before
    A remainder will always complain


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