Kubutambahan North Bali Airport Approach of B747

Is this how Air Sanih is going to look like when the North Bali Arport is in use? Many (future owners) of property in the North seem to be going wild over the New North Bali Airport. Prices of villas are doubled in some cases, people are getting $$$ signs in their eyes, because of the new airport.

Now let me ask you. Do people really want to live close to an airport? Do people really like the sound of jets? Do they like the smell of kerosine? Do they like congested roads?

Yes, an airport is coming. Lets double the prices, while everyone else in the world wants to move FROM an airport because of obvious reasons, easily forgotten in Bali.

See the location of the North Bali Airport here: http://www.northbaliairport.com/

Here a faked Boeing 747 on approach to Kubutambahan, over Air Sanih. Not real, but close enough.

(to be honest, the above picture will not likely be ever taken for real (unless the pilot is drunk), the approach is about half a mile further down north, over the ocean)

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