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OM Telolet OM Ringtones

OM TELOLET OM is the latest craze in Indonesia. It started with kids asking drivers of busses to sound their, often creative, horn. Telolet sort of sounds like a horn, or klaxon. Telolet, telolet, telolet. You get the idea. Look on youtube for OM TELOLET OM, and you will be informed 🙂 DJ’s have created mixes, and I hear it everyday on the street. TELOLET!

I have made some ringtones / notfication sounds and you can download them here:

Om Telolet Om!


Netflix Indonesia Tips & Tricks

Netflix in Indonesia, using a VPN?

Ok, so now you can watch Netflix in Indonesia. Even on a low bandwidth connection (1 – 2Mbs) you can watch low resolution Netflix. It becomes more enjoyable if you have a higher bandwidth and a Netflix HD subscription. 720p HD should be possible with 5Mbs, and 1080p with 10Mbs and higher. 20Mbs is preferred.

If you use a computer to watch Netflix, you can see what resolution you are using by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt D. You can force Netflix in to highest resolution by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt S.

Use Internet Explorer to watch Netflix, Google Chrome has a maximum resolution of 720p, IE goes up to 1080p and possibly higher.

Unfortunately Netflix in Indonesia is restricted to Netflix productions only (until now). If you want to see country specific content, and the content licensed to specific countries, you need to use an IP address located in that country. A VPN connection to that country is needed. For now Netflix doesn’t care if you do so as it seems. The use of VPN’s can be detected in most cases and Netflix doesn’t do anything about it.

Using a VPN for Netflix

A good, fast and reliable VPN provider is Private Internet Access. I have been using this for quite some time and at 40 US$ per year it is very affordable.

PIA allows for OpenVPN connections, the best and safest way to connect to a VPN. PIA has thousands of OpenVPN servers World Wide.

The easiest way to use a PIA VPN is on your computer, with the latest community OpenVPN client software (better than the PIA client software). The latest version allows an extra setting to route your DNS requests explicitly through your VPN connection. This is needed especially on Windows 10. If your DNS requests are not routed through the VPN, websites can detect your country of origin even-though your IP address is in another. Again, Netflix does not seem to care, for now. As an added bonus you circumvent the great Indonesian firewall. In Indonesia all DNS requests are filtered and possibly logged. This is done by a transparent proxy.

(DNS is name resolution, if you type a website name, the corresponding IP address is looked up by a DNS server. If, like in Indonesia, the request is intercepted, the government can approve or deny the request. In Indonesia some porn and torrent sites like Piratebay are blocked with this method. In theory the same method allows a government to record general, but also personal surfing behavior.)

If you want access to Netflix through a VPN on devices that don’t allow OpenVPN clients, you can use a (Wi-Fi) router with a build-in OpenVPN client. All devices connected to this router will connect in the country you have selected with your OpenVPN. Not all Wi-Fi routers have an OpenVPN client option, and, you need a router with a fast processor. A cheap router may have the software, but not the computing speed to deliver Internet traffic at full speed; you may have a 20Mbit connection, but your VPN traffic may be slowed down to half(!) because your router can’t handle it. Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on a good router, install addtional firmware and some expertise to get it all going.

In some cases, whatever router you have, traffic may slow down anyway through a VPN, because of other reasons. It may have to do with the way your connection to the VPN server is routed. You have a optimal VPN connection with Hong Kong or Singapore, but your VPN connection to an European country is slow. In such cases your speed may improve by using two VPN’s, strangely enough. This is possible with the use of one VPN router and a PC or Mac VPN client, or even two fast VPN routers.

Private VPN Server ??

And, it is possible to run (or have run) a Private VPN server, somewhere in the cloud. In some cases a well known VPN provider IP address may be refused or questioned by websites. (Loads of naughty people use VPN’s to do nasty things on the Internet, because of assumed anonymity). A private VPN server is very affordable, somewhere between 60 US$ and 120 US$ a year. You need to have some basic Linux and security knowledge, and a good knowledge of “Internet”. And Linux needs to be updated regularly, just like Windows or OSX. But, you will be the only one using the server, so that is comfortable. In addition you will have a fixed IP address to connect to the Internet, and that may be useful. IP addresses in Indonesia are often banned because a lot of spam is send from them. A disadvantage is the “confusion” you may create for payment systems. If your payment account is registered in a certain country, and your IP address is in another, payments may be refused.

If you need a Private VPN server, use Digital Ocean. Best speeds, reliable.

Teclast X98 Air 3G Windows Tablet

Teclast X98 Air 3G Windows Tablet

Ever since Microsoft entered the touch game, I wanted to try the Windows touch experience. I never really understood the criticism on Windows 8, for me it just was Windows with some extras I never really used. Never missed the start menu.
I am very interested in the Microsoft Surface tablets, they could maybe have best of both worlds. But I already have a fast laptop with 16gb ram, core I7 and SSD and buying a Surface just to try would be a bit too much.
But, I discovered Chinese tablets, and here I am touch typing with a thumb keyboard, using Word 2013, Windows 8.1 (Bing version) on a $235 Teclast X98.  It takes some time to get used to it, and I am still “adjusting”, but until now I am quite happy with the tablet.


Teclast X98 Air 3G

Teclast X98 Air 3G


Speedmonster ?

Ok, the Teclast tablet is no speed monster, it has only 2gb ram and a “hard disk” with just 32gb emmc memory, but it is very responsive non the less. It is a nice tablet for couch surfing, and typing this f.i. I usually use an Android tablet or my phone while not behind the desk, and for some tasks these devices are, until now, handier. If you want to glance the news, check Google analytics or something, its easier to just push a button. I have looked around the Microsoft store, but the offers for apps is still limited. There are a few apps for Gmail that behave similar like their Android counterparts, but I like it better on my phone. But there is no replacement for programs like Word etc. The tablet is a great addition for the couch.

GPS, Modem and Retina

The Teclast has two features unusual for a “normal” Windows pc. A GPS, which works fast and precise, interacts with Google and Bing maps, and a 3g modem.  The modem works very well, with my provider I got the maximum speed.

The 9.7 inch display of the Teclast X98 has a high resolution, similar to an iPad Air, retina screen, 2048×1536 pixels. That is nice, but, at least for me, a bit overdone. 1920×1200 would be more than enough for a tablet in this size.  The extreme high resolution needs you to set the display properties to the largest size for “all items”, effectively decreasing the DPI. 99.9% off programs use this setting, but it happens that there is a program that just uses pixels instead, and then it’s too small to read. If you use a remote desktop connection, the host will use 2048×1536, without scaling, and that is unworkable without a magnifying glass. But, the screen is sharp, and shows no pixels at all.  Playing a bit with resolution and setting different DPI sizes can be useful to find the best way of working with the tablet for you. The display is bright enough and has good viewing angles.

I don’t play games, but others have reported that the large amount of pixels of the Teclast slows down gaming, but lower resolutions are available, of course.

Zooming in and out with two fingers is pretty smooth, especially with the Microsoft programs. Internet Explorer works much smoother than Google chrome, on touch. Maybe there are some magic settings for Chrome I did not discover yet.

USB OTG and Connections

The tablet has connections for USB 2.0, HDMI, headphones. With an Intel WIDI receiver you can transmit your display on a TV or other device through Wi-Fi.

USB works fine. With an OTG adapter you can connect keyboards, mice USB sticks and drives. I tried some of my USB 3 portable drives, not all got enough power from the tablet to work. A WD 2tb drive worked fine however. There are a load of different OTG hubs available. Some OTG hubs allow to add some extra power to your USB devices, I tried one, and with it, all my USB disks work.

There is a hub that is supposed to charge the Teclast and provide extra power to devices. I still need to order that one. With that hub you can “dock” the tablet to a more workstation kind of setup, with HDMI monitor, mouse and full size keyboard. For light work this could be just fine.  I have not tried, but processing lots of raw images, movie editing and such will probably be very slow.

A Nice Device.

It has two camera’s, front and back, with mediocre performance, but good enough for Skype etc.
For the price the Teclast X98 is a nice addition to my devices, and it certainly is useful. This will replace my laptop on short travels. Maybe one day a device in this size can replace a laptop/desktop completely, and that would be great. And, it can be a handy device for Photography “in the field” or RC pilots needing a computer to adjust settings of their flight controller.

You can find some videos of the Teclast X98 Air on this YouTube channel:

Some videos are of flashing the device, dual booting it with Android, but that is not for me. And not for you, if you just want to use it, and keep using it.

Beware if you order one, it comes in Chinese. You can set the language to English, but you have to wrestle yourself through Chinese menus for a while.

Singaraja Aerial Panoramas North Bali

Singaraja Aerial Panoramas North Bali

Here two Aerial Panoramas I shot above Singaraja In North Bali, Indonesia. Both were shot with a 680mm quadcopter with DJI controller and GoPro camera.  The panoramas are published on 360 cities and embedded with my own Panorama Embed Plugin in this blog.

Above Singaraja

Singaraja Taman Kota




Apple Safari Crash on Windows 8.1 (after update)

Apple Safari Crash on Windows 8.1

Just updated to Windows 8.1, and the update seemed smooth, even freed a lot of disk space…

However, the Apple Safari Browser crashed on startup, even after re installing it…

Did not find anything with Google about this, so I guess I am the first 🙂

What you need to do to make Safari for Windows work again on Windows 8.1 is to add this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Safari\Apple Application Support

to your Environment Variables. Go to Control Panel>System>Advanced System Settings>Advanced

Click on “Environment Variables” and add the path as above with a semi-colon after other stuff there already. If you have installed Safari somewhere else, adjust the path.

Safari works again here on my WIndows 8.1 …….

Tascam DR-05 recordings of iPod Amplifiers

One of the first things I did with with my new TASCAM DR-05 linear PCM recorder.

I have a few amplifiers for my iPoc classic; FiiO E01 (Alisan), iBasso D-ZERO AMP/DAC and a Sony PHA-1 AMP/DAC.

My guess is that there are people, like me, who ask themselves, what is the difference in sound quality between amps, for, like in this case, an iPod Classic.

While these recordings made with the Tascam DR-05 from these amps will not tell you anything about the actual sound quality of those amps for your particular setup, you can compare the difference between the sound quality of those amps in my setup with the Tascam as “headphone”. The recording were made from the headphone-out of the amps and the iPod classic headphone-out.

The Tascam DR-05 has a line in, (sensitive, therefore I could not record directly unclipped and undistorted from my iPod LOD adapter. (thats also why file number 2 from the zip is missing, in case you are wondering)

I made the following recordings of a source file with some random music mixed and edited in Audacity:

 a) With the build in mics of the Tascam DR-05 of an iPod Touch with FiiO E01 connected to some cheap active Yamaha speakers in my house.
b) The Tascam DR-05 connected to the headphone out of the FiiO E01 (Alisan) Amp connected to the iPod Classic (about 20 dollar)
c) The Tascam DR-05 connected to the headphone out of the iPod classic (no amps in between)
d) The Tascam DR-05 connected to the headphone out of the Sony PHA-1, digitally connected to the iPod Classic (about 350 dollar)
e) The Tascam DR-05 connected to the headphone out of the iBasso D-Zero connected to the iPod Classic via an FiiO LOD (Line Out Dock) (about 120 USD)

The source file was an ALAC file (Lossless Apple Codec) and the Tascam DR-05 was set to record in uncompressed wav, 16bit, 48khz. Files were converted to Flac with foobar 2000.

So what files are what combination? The “live” speakers are easy to spot of course, but is there a difference in quality of the various amps? Noticeable?

Of course each amp has other properties that are to consider, size, ease of use, power, impedance etc etc. But that is not the issue here.

This post was made on October 8 2013, for those that are interested in what is what, I will reveal what file is what in a few weeks, days, or whenever I feel like it 🙂

Download the flacs here: (please link to this post, and not to the file itself, thanks! (+/-135mb).

Magic Lantern Firmware HDR Video Script EOS 5D

Magic Lantern Firmware HDR Video Script

It was just a short time ago I first tried the Magic Lantern Firmware for my EOS 5D MKII. The options in the firmware are very handy, and using and installing it is pretty simple. For many of the options in the Magic Lantern Firmware you would otherwise need extra hardware. It has handy timers and removes the limits the normal firmware has for HDR bracketing. You can use more pictures, and a wider range of stops for your HDR pictures.

Another option is HDR video, and this of course a very unique option. Unfortunately it is not a simple process like “turn on, shoot and edit”. The people of the Magic Lantern Firmware have made a smart solution, you have to set two ASA values, and the camera records alternating every frame with the specified ASA values. So the final result will be a rather useless flashing movie. But on the Magic Lantern Firmware site you can download a set of software and scripts that will take your movie clip and convert it to a HDR movie, using Avisynth and VirtualDub. The results can be pretty nice, but moving objects or pans can create problems, because your 29.97 frame movie clip will have every 2 subsequent frames blended, creating ghosting.

But for shooting real estate this is usually not such a problem, and the HDR Video function of the Magic Lantern Firmware is excellent for that.

The scripts used for converting and blending the Magic Lantern Video to HDR video use jpg as intermediary files. Jpg is reducing the quality a bit of the video. I changed some of the scripts so the intermediary files are lossless; tif and 24 bit png. The intermediary files will be a bit larger, and the process may be a bit slower. Although the quality increase is not very much, it still is a bit different.

You can download the modified scripts here .

Just unzip in the directory where you installed the Magic Lantern HDR Workflow scripts.

The modified files have _GP in the filename, but otherwise work the same, they just use other file types… (only windows scripts changed)

Visit the Magic Lantern Site and download the HDR Workflow Scripts here form their wiki

Update: In addition some color space conversions have been removed from the original scripts, and the quality has improved quite a bit!

Noise Levels of the North Bali Airport

The comparison below is an uneducated, unrealistic, attempt to estimate the level of sound the new Nort Bali Airport will make, and how it will influence the area of Kubutambahan, Air Sanih, Bungkulan….

I took the measurements of Gatwick Airport, scaled them and projected them, with the correct scale, on the Kubutambahan airport area.

Geographically, the areas are totally different., and of course this will influence the way sound travels. While the approach and departures of the New North Bali Airport will be over sea,  everyone knows sound travels very nicely over water. The south side of the airport has hills, so they will reflect some of the sound.

If the North Bali Airport will be as busy as Gatwick, time will tell.  The length of the North Bali Airport is 5500 meters, so it allows for big jets, as big as on Gatwick.

Moise Levels North Bali Airport

Noise Levels

North Bali Airport Noise

IMHO, its most likely that, if wind allows, approaches (landings) will be routed from the west, so over the ocean north of Singaraja, and take offs will be to the east. Take offs produce more noise,… The picture of Gatwick projected here looks the other way around.

Now, if, and I say with emphasis, IF, the projection above holds any truth, noise from the Airport in a village, like Air Sanih / Bukti, will be around 50 db , I’ll guess. Close to the airport you will have about 72db, according to the Gatwick measurements….

How loud is 50 db?

30 db is a quiet whisper in a library, a normal conversation is around 60-70db, so the noise, I guess, in Air Sanih, can be somewhere between that. A motorcycle up close is about 100db.

I quote : “In the UK, Government research indicates that people start being annoyed by aircraft noise at 57dB, averaged over 16 hours (57dB LAeq). They use this as the starting point in policies on noise from planes around airports.”

My guess is that the people researching the location of the airport, have much better data, and have taken all this in account, so the gross of the population will be free of irritating noise, but my guess is too, that those few villas in the neighborhood of the airport may have a problem.

Blessing or curse? Double or half the prices?



Kubutambahan North Bali Airport Approach of B747

Is this how Air Sanih is going to look like when the North Bali Arport is in use? Many (future owners) of property in the North seem to be going wild over the New North Bali Airport. Prices of villas are doubled in some cases, people are getting $$$ signs in their eyes, because of the new airport.

Now let me ask you. Do people really want to live close to an airport? Do people really like the sound of jets? Do they like the smell of kerosine? Do they like congested roads?

Yes, an airport is coming. Lets double the prices, while everyone else in the world wants to move FROM an airport because of obvious reasons, easily forgotten in Bali.

See the location of the North Bali Airport here:

Here a faked Boeing 747 on approach to Kubutambahan, over Air Sanih. Not real, but close enough.

(to be honest, the above picture will not likely be ever taken for real (unless the pilot is drunk), the approach is about half a mile further down north, over the ocean)

HDR Panorama, Enfuse vs Oloneo HDR

The other day there was a discussion in the Facebook panorama group about HDR and panoramas. I like to use Oloneo, its easy and pretty wysiwyg, but it has some disadvantages as well. Halo’s appear around contrasted area’s, and some areas of the picture can become a bit “mushy”.

See the Panorama on 360 cities:

I tried enfuse (gui, see ) and here is the result:

(panorama uploaded to 360cities is 14000×7000, the panorama below is uploaded 6000×3000)